What it feels like to ride a motorcycle

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Motorcycle: What does it feel like to ride


Motor Travel Inside blog on how it feels to ride a motorcycle

More than just 2 wheels

Motorcycle riding is one of the highest delights in life. But one needs to be okay with the emotional state it can put you in. Riding is a mixture of exhilaration, fright, relaxation, and pleasure that converts you forever. It’s physically & emotionally pleasurable, with a layer of apprehension & adrenaline. If you’ve ever pondered the feelings you entertain when you ride a motorcycle, then you should read on…


Overall your body is very busy, with the increased effort required by both your hands and feet. Pretty obvious, but before people started riding, their entire understanding of motorcycle riding was pretty much based on Superbikes mixed in with Call of Duty or Advanced warfighter computer games. (Down a gear, make a turn, throttle up and how hard could it be, right?)

 So when people realized how much their hands and feet have to work while riding, it takes them by surprise.


When a person rides a motorcycle, they notice smells in a way that they don’t when travelling by car, or even by bicycle. Part of this is heightened senses because you are travelling faster than a bicycle, so the smells change more often than usual. With more volume air entering your nasal passage, you smell everything from food, fumes, burning charcoal amongst other smells.


For the same reasons described above, motorcyclists notice temperature changes in ways that are very exclusive. On a motorcycle, people start experiencing micro-climates. In fact, whenever people ride close to a large water source that is close to the road, they pretty much feel the temperature drop. With exposure to the elements like trees lining a road, you will feel that 2-degree drop, and it will make you smile.

Be forewarned that Thailand’s roads present hazards and can be dangerous if you do not follow general safety rules. Wearing a helmet is required by law; it guarantees an element of protection. Thai police are known to actively pursue non-abiding foreign riders, as a source of extra income. Thais drive on the left-hand side of the road – most of the time. In practice, the key rule of the road is that right of way goes to the larger vehicle.

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