Motorcycle tours Thailand, just got bigger!

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Motorcycle tours Thailand

Hey fellow bikers,

Stallions are made in Thailand

We have finished our first private tour and it was amazing! Great weather and happy customers all the way, with no glitches making this an outstanding run for Motor Travel Inside and its crew.

As we returned with our bikes and started servicing them, we looked for an English manual so we could do everything by the book. Only then we discovered that there are at least 3 names and regions that use our bikes under different names: The Mash Five-hundred 400cc, The Genuine Motorcycles G400C and of course our Stallions CT400. All of them produced in France, UK, USA and Thailand. A truly nostalgic vintage motorcycle with only top-reviews. (find out yourself on the internet!)

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A great bike for a motorcycle tour in Thailand!


Het Motor Travel Inside Team

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