Who are we that love to motorcycle so much, we created a company to share the attraction with those who also love to motorcycle, especially abroad.

Motor Travel Inside criteria for responsible motorcycle touring

Economic responsibility

At Motor Travel Inside attention is given to the Motorcycle team selection process of experienced local and international guides with whom we could confidently promote safety. While ensuring that our customers have the very best motorcycle touring  experience in Thailand, but also our guides are well provided for. We give briefings to all customers visiting Thailand on how to enjoy the local road rules and culture, with involvement whist touring. We introduce customers to Thai cuisine, for example; during the tour we stop along the route at carefully selected restaurants and hotels, which exude true Thainess.


On tour we have our ‘support vehicle’, which follows the tour route. This offers customers assurance, mechanical and additional support for those who fall behind, or feel fatigued requiring a little refreshment before continuing the tour.

Social responsibility

Motor Travel Inside offers touring holidays which stop at small communities, where a financial injection is appreciated by enjoying local food and using accommodation facilities supplied by both Motor Travel Inside and experienced by our guests. We feature hotels ‘both in and out of season’ in stunning locations perfect for holidays but mainly frequented ‘in season’ by Thai’s. This extra income allows them to maintain continuity in their income which they may otherwise be unable to sustain.

Our team

An international collaboration has come together to present Motor Travel Inside tours, information and even our website, with the competence that is professional and reassuring. So who are our support and motorcycle frontline staff?

Motorcycle riding with Kaset Sitthikripong

Kaset Sitthikripong, AKA Richard (founder)

Motor Travel Inside™

As I have worked all my life for the Great Kingdom of Thailand. The last few years my passion to ride a motorcycle became more and more. I saw that riding a motorcycle is a totally different experience as driving in a car. I loved it!

Then I met Rene, a guy from Holland. Together we made plans to organize Motorcycle Tours in Thailand. As a businessman, I finally found the opportunity to turn my hobby into work. Life is great!

Rene Rugl (co-founder)

Motorcycle team | Motor Travel Inside™

May I introduce myself? I am Rene and I love to ride a motorcycle for over more than 30 years. As a co-owner of a major motorcycle company, I executed over 200 tours in the USA, Canada, and South Africa.

As I fell in love with Thailand, I decided to start a touring company with the great guy mentioned above.
His expertise in Thailand and my knowledge of all the facets of touring is our key to success.

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