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It is all about the weather, sightseeing, road conditions, motorcycles and hotels that make a great, exciting and fun packed tour in Thailand.

The weather

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Weather conditions can be fierce in Thailand. There is a dry and a wet season and temperatures vary depending on the time of year.
We at Motor Travel Inside choose to do our motorcycle tours from October till April when temperatures are lower and the dry season is still among us.

The sightseeing

Motor Travel Inside™

Motor Travel Inside chooses to give you a full experience of Thailand. Of course, there is sightseeing as we all do, riding along the route. But it is also important to “taste” all Thailand has to offer.

This is why we offer a tour that gives you all. You will experience the city of Bangkok where we will stay for 2 nights. Then we will fly to Chiang Mai from where the motorcycle tour will start. We will finish our Thailand experience in Krabi, in the south of Thailand.

3 Days of relaxing at the beach and enjoying this beautiful part of Thailand. Of course, it’s possible just to do the motorcycle tour itself. Look at the tour itinerary for further details.

Motor Travel Inside bike


Motor Travel Inside™

Due to an increase to supply and demand, Motor Travel Inside has now implemented a complete range of motorcycles covering many brands and cc ranges. This helps to cover all eventualities and tastes and allows us to offer bigger bikes for those who demand more comfort and power when touring by motorcycle.


Thailand, the land of a thousand smiles. The friendliness of The Kingdom will surely surprise you. Service has a high standard and so we will enjoy an upgraded standard of hotels, in Bangkok, on the route and your beach stay.

Every customer will have his or her room. Of course, couples can have their room together…

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