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Music for the Moment

Enter the world of Motor Travel Inside and be amazed

Inspired by Music!

Music defines generations, it can halt negative thoughts and promote positive. Motor Travel Inside wants you to come to Thailand and trek across this vast unspoilt kingdom by motorcycle. Daydream Bliss is a tune to get you in the mood, to let your thoughts run wild and dream of what could be. As you listen, close your eyes and feel the hospitality of a nation of smiles, that is Thailand. These smiles will become one of fascination as you ride the Thai-built Stallion motorcycle.

Ferris wheel takes you through the winding roads of north Thailand, shaded by lining trees with sights, smells and sounds of Thai life that you will remember and dream about. Both Music tracks have been used by Stallions Motorcycles in the making of their promotion film, which sets the tone for these extraordinary motorcycles. Come now and listen to this amazing soundtrack, and let your thoughts run wild and free; as you dream of Thailand.

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